Product review! kokoso baby coconut oil

Coconut oil seems to be the answer to all ailments, health issues and diet queries at the moment, but I’ve remained a little skeptical longer than others. My sister was horrified when she came to stay at the lack of it in my cupboard for cooking (and then amusingly queried the supermarket assistant as to whether it was the correct product in store, as it was solid and not liquid as she is used to in Australia!). F’s skin has always been delicate – from cradle cap before his milk protein allergy was diagnosed, and then as soon as we began weaning he broke out in nasty patches of exczema that blistered. The photo below of his shoulder was taken at the end of June, 2016.


I had seen kokoso recommended by the lovely Jolene and Peter at Babi Pur and I was kindly given some by another customer, so we added it into F’s skincare routine. We have applied it daily after bathtime in the evening, and also after meal times if any food or drink comes into contact with his skin.


kokoso was started by a fellow mum who wanted a natural skin care product to help her baby’s dry skin. kokoso is pure natural organic raw virgin coconut oil, with nothing else added. The coconuts themselves are sourced from an organic – certified family farm in Thailand. It is noticeable, when scooping some out and rubbing it into F’s skin, how soft your own hands are afterwards. kokoso claim this is because their oil has been designed as more lightweight to others, and their ‘fresh-press’ techniques enable it to retain all of its goodness.

Due to the particular triglycerides (fatty acids) in coconut oil, it eliminates loss of moisture through the skin, keeping it soft and smooth. Coconut oil also contains vitamin E which promotes skin growth. Studies have shown that coconut oil is an effective antimicrobial, which means it actually inhibits the growth of bacteri, or fungi.

Coconut oil, particuarly high quality ones that aren’t chemically produced, isn’t cheap. kokoso baby coconut oil is £7.99 for 168g, which is actually comparable to other baby creams on the market, which aren’t organic. It also lasts longer than you’d think – a little goes a long way, and after warming it briefly in your hands it just smooths on the skin and covers a nice area.

Our verdict – the photographs below speak for themselves (although it’s ridiculous hard to photograph a newly crawling baby!). It’s been used for 11 days and while there is still some dry-to-touch patches across F’s torso and shoulders, the improvement has been remarkable. There’s no redness or blistering at all, and some areas have completely healed up and are soft to touch, as they should be. Both myself and hubby are delighted by the results, in such a short space of time, and plan to encourage it in the older childrens skincare routines too as like myself they have dry skin to their arms in particular. While the cost may seem prohibitive to some (although others happily spend £30+ on non-organic facecreams and similar items!) it sits comfortably amongst similar items, whilst frankly working wonders.





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